Radiotherapy is one of the most critical and complex procedures used in the never ending fight against oncological diseases. Many techniques uses X-Ray or Gamma photons but behind them there is always an ionizing radiation aiming to destroy bad tissues and preserving good ones: a task not always easy to be pursued and one of the most critical part is the measurement of the dose delivered to the patient.

BlackCat Beyond dosimeters are based on semiconductors and make use of floating gate polysilicon layers storing electrons. Such electrons, during irradiation, are energized exactly in the same way as human cells are and they naturally escape from their polysilicon container thanks to the increased mobility. The higher is the number of electrons escaped the higher is the dose collected during the irradiation session.

BlackCat Beyond dosimeter include such floating gate polysilicon container (the sensor) and all cicuitry able to read this electron escape. The approach includes a current-voltage converter and an advanced analog to digital converter (ADC) able to convert the voltage shift coming from the electron escape into a digital word. Last but not least all the circuitry must not suffer any degradation coming from ionizing radiation thus leading to a very careful radiation hardening by design (RHBD) approach.