BlackCat Beyond Irradiation Services

At BCB-UNIPA facility two irradiation services are offered: Cobalt 60 and Americium 241.
Cobalt 60 is delivered in a standard concrete bunker making leverage on IGS-3 gamma irradiator where gamma photons at 25 MeV can be used at different dose rates according to the distance of the DUT (Devices Under Test) from the rods.
Americium 241 is delivered in a shielded box making leverage on gamma photons at 60 keV at lower dose rates.
Both solutions use BCB internal network and shielded board for the full control of DUTs during irradiation session.
Since Cobal 60 tests use standard dose rates tests lenght are usually performed in few days or weeks (according to total dose to be obtained); for Americium 241 tests are longer (from 2 to 9 nine months).
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